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The 7 Reasons You Have Pimples, Redness, Dry Skin and More

Published : 11/09/2018 16:37:59
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The skin is the biggest organ of your body! It helps protect your skin against dehydration and the sun and regulates your body temperature. The skin is the first to react when something's wrong. Whether it's a spot, a redness or else.

Let's start with the beginning. Here's our first enemy. 

Pimples Due to Sugar/Fat/Salt Excesses

Small pimples may pop up anywhere at any time. You know that feeling when you get a pimple on your face and focus on it all day long? We do know well. 

But they are not as bad as you think. They're actually very useful as they warn you something's wrong in your body. The ones to blame are sugar, fat, and salt. When eaten in excess, well, it gets obvious on your face.

This isn't fresh news, excesses are bad for your health as the create an overproduction of insulin in your blood that'll simulate the oleaginous hormones. And you guessed it, in "oleaginous" there's the word "oil". Oily skins more often get pimples as the pores are completely clogged by dirt.
Eat everything reasonably. Why not trying to cut off fat and fast sugars for a week? Your skin will thank you for this by being the healthiest ever. 

A fast cleansing isn't always well done

Removing makeup is as important as moisturizing your skin. A good cleansing starts by taking off your makeup -girl, don't ever sleep with it- then use a gentle cleanser to clean your whole face in the deep. After these two steps you can use once or twice a week, depending on your skin, an enzymatic exfoliation that is so gentle to your skin it'll keep it fresh and healthy. Indeed, the enzymatic exfoliation "eats" all the dead cells and the dirt in your pore instead of scratching your skin to "clean" it. A more aggressive way of exfoliating that might get your skin more sensitive.

What if I don't clean my face the right way? Well, your skin is going to get dull, dry, to have pimples and clogged pores. So if you want beautiful skin, cleanse it every day!

Wash your makeup brushes!

Makeup Brushes are real microbe nests. Sebum, dirt, pollution, they're all on your brushes and yet you never clean them. Can you imagine putting them on your face day after day? Ew... Use makeup remover and water to wash your makeup brushes once in a while. 

Hands up!

We don't usually think about it, but your hands my dear, are full of microbes, as they touch a million things a day. And what happens, is that when you touch your face you put microbes on it. Yummy, isn't it? Pimples, irritations, dry skin, they're mostly caused by microbes wandering on your face. Our best advice is the following: don't touch your face and keep your skin healthy.

A pillowcase: the ultimate beauty secret

It's a wild world out there. Here's a fact, dirt is also on your pillowcase. Sebum, dead cells, bacteria, dust mites they literally live on your pillowcase. And let's not forget that's where your head spends at least 6 hours a day. The ultimate tip is to change your pillowcase once a week to keep your hair and face clean. 

Also, best pillowcases are made of silky textures. Cotton is a bit harsh for these parts of your body.

Spice food is not allowed in here

Suffer from rosacea? Stay away from spicy food and alcohol as they provoke the vessels dilatation. 

Meet in the middle

Too much or not enough? Applying too much product on your skin can make it more sensitive in the long run. Whereas not enough product can't protect your skin the right way. Meet in the middle and apply a dime-size amount of cream. 

Don't forget to hydrate your hands and neck

These are always left out. And yet, they are the more likely to age faster. Hands and neck often betray your real age because of the fine lines, dark spots, lack of elasticity. Moisturizer every morning girls! 

Mixing up hydration and nutrition lack

A dehydrated skin has very specific symptoms: skin flakes, fine lines, lack of elasticity. The hyaluronic acid doesn't trap enough water. Drink more. On the other side, if your skin is rough, cracks then it's dry and lacks nutrition. You need to moisturize it. Check out our previous blog post on how to recognize your skin type.

In short,

Pimples, red plates, dryness they all have a reason to be there. You only need to recognize what caused them in the first place. Once, you get to really know the skin you're living in, you'll be able to improve your skin and maintain its beauty.

See you, 


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