7 Tips To Remove Your Makeup Like a Pro

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7 Tips To Remove Your Makeup Like a Pro and Get That Glow

Published : 09/06/2018 16:24:57
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The secret to a perfect skin? Taking off your makeup like a queen! That step is as important as hydration. It'll help any skincare to penetrate your skin even deeper and be more effective. 

Cleansing your face is one of the most important beauty steps! Beauty experts and makeup artists from huge brand all agree: cleansing is essential to keep a healthy and beautiful skin. 

Say whaaat?! A make up artist that advise you to take off your makeup? We need to know more about it!

Why you should take off your makeup every day?

If you never clean the inside of your car, it will get damaged with time. Well, your skin works the same way.

Makeup clogs the skin pores. And when pores are clogged, the skin cells don't renew that often and that much. In the end, your cells age, oxidize, your epidermis is inflamed, spots can pop out and your skin can even get very dry. 

But watch out! That's not because you don't put makeup on you don't have to cleanse your skin. Pollution, dust, stress, sweat, your skin goes through a lot in a day. 

Cleansing your skin means regenerating your cells! The key to a perfect skin at one condition: doing it the right way! Let's explore the different steps to get that perfect skin and cleanse like a pro! 

conseils pour bien se démaquiller

#1 Tip: Wash your hands

Ça paraît bête mais c’est effectivement une étape à ne pas sauter ! On touche beaucoup de choses tout au long de la journée et c’est bien sur les mains qu’on retrouve le plus de bactéries, microbes en tout genre souvent responsable de maladies mais aussi d’imperfections sur la peau.

Mieux vaut éviter de s’en mettre sur la bouche, les yeux et de se tartiner le visage avec. On repart donc à zéro et on se lave les mains !

#2 Tip: Choose the cleanser that fits you

Not all makeup removers fit every skin. For each skin type, there's a fitting texture.

For oily and combination skin: a gel or a foam texture will cleanse your pores deeply. 

For dry skin: choose a balm or a milk soft and rich texture that leaves a silky finish on your skin. 

For sensitive skin: pick an oily cleanser or a micellar water to soothe the skin. 

Pauline, Co-funder at Caracol Skincare: “My atopic skin is very sensitive and sometimes mixed. You can tell how hard it is to handle. I've been using for more than 3 years Extra virgin Coconut oil to take off my makeup. The fat of the oil attracts all the dirt just like a magnet. Amazing! And it kind of fits every skin type, be careful rince your face if you have an oily skin. Cheap, effective and long lasting (I buy a pot every 3months): the best compromise ever! “

#3 Tip: What should you use to take off your makeup?

Have you heard about the facecloth? That's the last trend in the makeup world! it's basically a very soft microfiber cloth you use to clean your face. It's fully eco-responsible as you reuse it. If you have a sensitive skin, that's the right fit for you. But it's a real investment as it's more expensive than a bunch of cotton pad. But there are so many good tutorials to DIY a facecloth. No more irritations.

You can also use your fingers to take off your makeup. It may seem weird but trust us, it works! Massage your face gently to rub off the dirt and all the makeup. Perfect to take off the mascara and eye makeup that is difficult to clean.

As for the timeless cotton pad, it mostly fit all skin type but you should definitely avoid it if your skin is too sensitive. You can put every cleanser on your pad: oil, milk, micellar water...! 

Now you have the tools it's time for you to learn about the method. Let's do it step by step. 

#4 Tip: The Step to a perfect makeup removal

Cleansing is a real pro thing! You need to do it very gently. You don't want your skin to be all red! 

  • First things first, for those who put makeup on their eyes.

We always start with the eyes.

WE LAUNCH A GENERAL ALERT! There are too many damaged and pulled out lashes in the world! Come on, tell us you've never found 4 or 5 fallen lashes on your cotton pad! OK, we might be overreacting, lashes fall naturally just like hair but that's not a reason to pull them out. 

Open your eyes and apply the makeup remover according to the tool you previously chose on your lashes. The movement is from down to up. If you can easily remove the mascara, dip a cotton pad in a cleanser and leave it on for a while. You'll see how easy it'll be. No more scrubbing. 

Once you've cleansed your eyes, you can move to the rest of your face. 

  • How to remove the makeup from your face

Let's keep on. After the eyes, it's time to take care of your complexion. Clean your face with a sort of wiping it from the middle to the edge of the face. (The nose towards the ears, if you see what I'm talking about). This will lift your skin up! Don't rub, pat! 

  • Happy ending!

If your cleanser is an oily texture, it's better if you rinse it so your face isn't all greasy. After removing the makeup, comes the cleansing step. Since makeup removing only takes of what's on the surface of your skin, you need a cleanser to go deeper and clean the pores.

comment bien se demaquiller le visage

#5 Tip: A gentle cleanser

The same way you choose the right makeup remover, you need an adapted cleanser. Don't even think about that soap on your sink. Don't be tempted! You want something more appropriate that is gentle to your skin. 

The gel, for the unsensitive skin.

The foam fits every skin type.

Creamy texture, perfect for sensitive skin.

Once, you've got THE ultimate cleanser don't forget to rinse!

Can you guess the next step?

#6 Tip: Exfoliation, but enzymatic, please!

Let's go back to the beginning, do you know why it's so important to exfoliate your skin even though you cleanse it?  Well, day after day, dead cells accumulate at the surface of your epidermis. Exfoliation helps to regenerate the cells by unclogging pores and brightens your complexion. 

But be careful, scrubs can hurt your skin. No grain no pain! Choose an exfoliation made of enzymes. They are living organisms that will eat all the dead cells and dirt to leave your skin perfectly soft and healthy. It's totally natural! 

Day and night, apply the Caracol Skincare Lotion Tonique Nettoyante made of papaya enzymes: papain and flower extract like witch hazel, calendula, chamomile to soothe and hydrate the skin. 

A real gentle skincare Lotion that cleanses and remove all the dirt. 

Twice a week, and only for oily skins, you can apply a more powerful exfoliation like the Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica. A powder you mix with water to get a cleansing enzymatic foam. 

That's how you cleanse! 

#7 Tip: Forgot something, huh? 

You thought removing makeup was the only key to a perfect skin? Hydration is essential to get that glowy. Cleansing your pores allows your moisturizer to penetrate the epidermis deeper to be more effective. 

In brief,

Cleansing and removing makeup is key to a beautiful skin. Pamper your skin and you'll how it's life changing.

See you soon, 


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