Caracol Skincare : which snail cream for your skin type?

Snail slime, strange yet amazingly full of benefits!

Unusual but yet so amazing for your skin. Snail slime is filled with beauty-enhancers like hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycolic acid, elastin and copper peptides. It naturally fills fine lines, reduces acne scars, stretch marks and smoothes the skin. The properties of snail mucin have been known since the Antiquity and have been used by the Mapuche tribe, Southern Chile, for ages before anyone started to sell it. Discover this ancestral life-savior now and save your skin from aging!


Caracol Skincare : which snail cream for your skin type?

Published : 02/09/2018 09:30:57
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So hard to choose when you have so many good snail creams! Still hesitating between the clarifying and the snail antiaging cream? Our experts help you choose what's best for you skin type

Aligator skin: dry and deep dehydration wrinkles 

If your skin is marked by the signs of aging, the perfect snail cream for you is the Crème de Soin anti-âge et anti-rides without any doubt. Specifically formulated to keep your epidermis young and elastic, the Crème, la Crème de Soin Anti-âge et Anti-rides Caracol Skincare contains 74,5% of snail secretion filtrate! Made with a blend of Oligopeptides, Hibiscus Seed Extract, Macadamia and Sweet Almond oils, Murtilla Guava Extract, Shea Butter and Biosaccharide Gum-1, this cosmetic is a true alternative to botulinum protein. This snail cream can be taken as from the age of 25, twice a day, on dry to normal skin, whenever the first fine lines are showing up!

Mature and sagging skin

The Crème Raffermissante with snail slime is the best ally for mature skins! Containing exactly 73,4% of snail secretion filtrate, this snail cream offers you a spectacular natural facelift. If your skin is thin and sagging the Crème Raffermissante thickens, reshapes and redefine the oval of the face and fills deep wrinkles. This product contains Calendula, Candeia, Buddleja Flower Extracts, Shea Butter, Matrixyl© and Biosaccharide Gum-1, powerful anti-aging actives.

Want quick and lasting results? Here's what you need 

If your skin gets really dry and lacks elasticity we have that little something that'll change your life! Nothing's more efficient than our Sérum Rajeunissant Expert anti-âge with its 82,9% of snail slime. It is simply one of our most snail slime concentrated products. It boosts the cell regeneration on all the layers of the epidermis. It fights signs of aging like sagging, lack of firmness, wrinkles, scars as it contains aloe vera, vitamin E. Oil and Fragrance free. Suitable for all skin types as from the age of 30

Your eye zone is a war zone? 

Dark circles, puffiness are your daily life? And lately you noticed new dehydration fine lines? Don't give up on your panda eyes! We have an amazing snail cream for you! The Crème Contour des Yeux ! Oil free and specifically designed for the thin skin of the eye zone this highly effective product contains 84,6% of snail slime! What a record in the cosmetic industry which means more allantoin, collagen and glycolic acid to take good care of your eye area. In this little skin-savior you'll find Chamomile Flower Extract, Murtilla Guava and Eyeseryl©. These amazing ingredients will repair the extracellular matrix, get rid of dark circles and eye bags, besides regenerating the skin.

Acne scars and redness:

Acne scars or redness are ruining your life? Keep calm we've got what you need! The Gel Crème Régénération with snail mucin improves the scar appearance and reduces skin rash. Made of  85,2% of snail secretion filtrate, this treatment is enriched with Biosaccharide Gum-1Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E. It helps cell-regeneration and stimulates collagen production by preventing from oxidation.  

Dehydrated skin and stretch marks

When your skin lacks moisture and hydration its cracks and here come the stretch marks and chaps. Dehydrated skins need to use a rich texture that will moisturize all the layers of the epidermis. To do so, we advice you tu use the Crème Hydratante et Nutritive snail slime cream! It reduces all the types of cracks: scars, wrinkles, stretch marks. Suitable for very dry skin. During pregnancy, the skin becomes drier and is subject to unusual mechanical stress that, in 60 to 80% of cases, can lead to stretch marks. 

In this snail moisturizer, you'll find 82,9% of snail seretion fitlrate, Jojoba, Rosehips and Avocado oils and Shea Butter that will regenerate, hydrate and give your skin that healthy glow!

Remove dark and pigment spots naturally

How to remove dark spots naturally? That's a good question many women wonder. We've worked hard on this particular skin problem and ended up with the Crème Clarifiante et Unifiante A unique and innovative formula made of clarifying agents that inhibit the pigmentation of the skin. The blend of 72,2% of snail slime and powerful ingredients such as Chromabright©, Peelmoist©, Xpertmoist© make this Clarifying cream an impressive treatment. Murtilla guava from Chile hastens the cell-regeneration.

Now you know exactly how to treat your skin and fiw all the little problem you may encounter!

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Our skincare line contains up to 85,2 %

 of snail mucin! Which is truly unique

in the cosmetics industry!