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How to take care of your eye contour area? Get the right moves!

Published : 02/13/2019 12:05:20
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The eye contour is known to be a very sensitive area that needs specific treatment. But why is eye care so important when you already have a day face cream? 

The skin around the is 3 to 5 times thinner than on the rest of your face. This area only has a few sebaceous glands and thus lacks natural hydration. That is exactly why the eye contour is very sensitive and needs more delicacy. Did you know, the eye contour was the part of your face you use the most? Eyes convey emotions and when you smile, for instance, your eyes blink. No smile, no wrinkle, that's Victoria Beckham's motto!

So now that you know the importance of this little area of your face, let's see how to take good care of it with this ultimate to-do list.

Eye Contour: Massages to improve blood circulation

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, pat skin under the eyes, above the brows and on the temples with fingertips to enhance circulation, drain the lymph and help decongestion. A good anti-fatigue gesture!

Step 1:

Use your middle fingertip to press your skin from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyelid.

Step 2:

Pat dark circles, above the eyebrows from the middle to the end and end on the temples. Make sure you use your fingertips, the way you would do on a piano! How fun is it?

Eye Contour: Use a specific skin care day and night

A face cream doesn't cater the eye contour. As said before, the skin around the eye is thinner and almost free from sebaceous glands. There's poor hydration. Face creams are way too aggressive and heavy to keep the eyes contour healthy. 

Choose a specific skin care product that is fully dedicated to the eye area, just like our Caracol Skincare Eye Cream. It instantly plumps and soothes the sensitive skin thanks to chamomile and calendula flowers extracts. The perfect rejuvenating product with immediate effects. 

The key is to bring hydration back to your skin thanks to specific skincare you apply by patting on your under the eye. Don't forget to do it DAY and NIGHT as the skin regenerates better when you sleep. 

Pro tip: put your eye cream in the fridge so it decongests your puffy eyes even better! 

Hydration is essential but remains useless unless your face is perfectly cleansed before applying any skin care.

Eye Contour: A deep makeup removal

Half-removed makeup can fasten the skin aging and clogging. Under the eyes, it's even worth, if makeup remains, your lashes will end up falling and fines lines will appear faster. It's really important to cleanse and remove all the makeup left on your pretty face.

If the makeup doesn't remove that easily, do not rub your eyes. Soak 2 cotton pads in makeup removal and put them on your eye for a few minutes. Patience and delicacy are a must!

A deep makeup removal and face cleansing will keep fine lines from appearing sooner than they must. But it's not the only beauty tip to keep a young and bright eye contour. 

Eye Contour: Correct your vision

When you can't clearly see something, you frown, blink and that is exactly how wrinkles of expression appear! And come, nowadays there are glasses coming in all shapes, contact lenses, lasers to correct... 

Protect your eye from external aggressions

Pollution can be avoided, that's why you need a good cleanser to take it all off. You can also to put a few drops of physiological serum in your eyes from once in a while to clean your eyes. Pollution is not the only aggression you may come across. Sun is your enemy too when it comes to taking care of your eye contour. UV rays are dangerous so wear sunglasses and play the Hollywood star, the doctor said it! 

Eye Contour and waxing: not a happy marriage

Waxing is the worst when it comes to eyebrows. It weakens and sensitizes the skin around the eye as it's very harsh. We advise you to choose tweezers or threading which are softer options.

In brief,

Adjust your skin care routine to the eye contour as it is a very sensitive area of your face. Massage, change your habbits and pick an efficient eyecream and you'll see how life changing it is. You'll look younger and healthier! 

If you have any tip to share with us on how to take care of the eye contour are, let us know in the comment section bellow

See you,


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