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How to determine your skin type! Pass the test!

Published : 08/22/2018 10:21:30
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Dry, oily, normal, mixt or sensitive skin... So many different skin types, how can you possibly know what's yours? So you pick the first skincare product in the drugstore and end up with more pimples. Don't worry! Today, we teach you how to easily determine your true skin type. Hello, happy and healthy epidermis! 

Find our bonus test at the end of this post. 

déterminer facilement son type de peau 

How to determine oily skin?

The T-zone of the face (forehead + nose + chin) or your cheekbones shine bright like a diamond? You may have oily skin. To make sure of it, clean your skin, wait half an hour and pass a tissue or silk paper on your face. If it's all greasy then you have an excess of sebum and thus oily skin. Your pores tend to clog and you have a few imperfections like dark spots, pimples... Your sebum production is unbalanced, you need to adjust the hydration. 

Our advice: a light texture product and a double cleansing (makeup remover + gentle face cleanser) day and night. Twice a week you can have an enzymatic exfoliation to not damage your skin. 

How to determine dry skin?

Does your skin tug or tingle? It's thin, rough and cracks? You have dry skin! Your face is more fragile, it irritates easily. Your skin is more likely to age faster than normal or oily skins. You need intense hydration. 

Our advice to young skins: use a rich texture cream (thick and nourishing) and a gentle cleanser only at night time or every two-day. In the morning spray thermal water on your face. 

For mature skins: an anti-aging rich cream that is very nutritious to help to regenerate your skin while protecting it from the signs of aging. Same cleansing programme as above.

déterminer son type de peau normal

How to determine normal skin?

You have a glowy face and only a few imperfections? The skin of your face is soft and your pores are tight? You're lucky, you have normal skin. Not too oily, not too dry, it doesn't shine or tug. 

Our advice: don't change anything, it's obviously doing wonders! You can focus on other things and maybe target other issues likes: wrinkles, lack of firmness, dark spots... And cleanse once or twice a day. 

How to determine mixt skin?

Your forehead, nose and chin shine but your cheeks are perfectly normal? Then you have mixt skin. To make sure of it, do the test of the silk paper and see if it's greasy. Sometimes, your forehead remains a "dry" zone and flakes while your cheeks shine. 

Our advice: Choose a product that is going to balance your sebum production and mat your complexion. A natural product will have more important effects on your skin. Cleanse day and night.  

Dry, Dehydrated or Sensitive skin, how to determine them?

Oily, mixt, dry, normal skins remains easy to determine. But what about sensitive and dehydrated skin? When skin tugs you might think you have sensitive skin but it's actually simply dry. As for dehydrated skin, it's caused by a lack of water just as the sensitive skin which is often mixed up with dry skin. There's only one way to figure it out! Pass the test!

peau seche ou pau sensible ou peau déshydratée


  • My skin tugs and feels like burning
  • My skin becomes all red when the temperature changes, or after a hot shower or hard water
  • My skin is itchy especially on the cheeks 
  • My skin reacts immediately after applying a skin care product
  • My skin feels uncomfortable

Do you recognize yourself in at least 3 of these facts? You may have sensitive skin. Not to be mixed up with allergic skin. The most common sort of allergy is contact allergy and it's often due to some ingredients in a product like fragrance, preservatives, essential oils... If there's any suspicion of allergy you must make an appointment with your dermatologist. 


  • My skin tugs 
  • My skin peels and flakes off
  • My skin is as rough as a crocodile skin
  • My skin is dull and very thin
  • I have dry patches on my face

No doubt, if you recognize your skin in at least 3 of these sentences, you definitely have dry skin! Your skin lipidic film is weak, you need to strengthen it by using a rich texture cream to capture water and retain it inside your epidermis and smoothe your skin. Bring that oily texture!


  • My skin is really dull
  • My pores are wide and my T-zone is shining
  • My skin tugs and fine lines start to appear around my eyes (also called dehydration fine lines). 
  • I have small cracks on my cheeks when I pinch my skin

And you find yourself in 3 of these sentences then you have dehydrated skin. Your skin type may be normal but it's dehydrated. No matter if you have oily, dry or normal skin type your epidermis can still be dehydrated. It's often due to a lack of sleep, stress, pollution, smocking, heat, bad habits... You must drink lots of water, eat many fruits and veggies. Protect your skin against external aggressions thanks to gentle rich and soothing products. Choose an eye contour cream that will plump and soothe the thin skin thanks to calendula and chamomile extracts. 

In Short, 

There MANY skin types! And depending on what's going in your life, your skin changes. That's why it's very important to adjust your skincare routine to how your skin is "right now". For example, in winter, you can choose a rich texture cream to moisturize and in summer as we sweat, you'd better pick a light texture product.

You know now that each skin is different from one another. Remember that even though marketing sells you tons of skincare products for sensitive skin, and 40% of men and 60% of women are convinced they have sensitive skin, the truth is a sensitive skin is mainly due to allergy, rosacea, eczema or even psoriasis. 

To know the skincare products fit your skin type, click on the link below: 


See you, 


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