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Snail slime, strange yet amazingly full of benefits!

Unusual but yet so amazing for your skin. Snail slime is filled with beauty-enhancers like hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycolic acid, elastin and copper peptides. It naturally fills fine lines, reduces acne scars, stretch marks and smoothes the skin. The properties of snail mucin have been known since the Antiquity and have been used by the Mapuche tribe, Southern Chile, for ages before anyone started to sell it. Discover this ancestral life-savior now and save your skin from aging!


Snail Serum: Anti-Age Expert

Published : 11/27/2018 11:33:05
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Snail Serum: Anti-Age Expert

Caracol Skincare introduces one of its best sellers: the Rejuvenating Snail Serum our Anti-Age Expert.

 snail serum anti-age expert

Snail Serum: a powerful anti wrinkles and rejuvenating product

You got it right! Our Snail Serum has amazing anti-wrinkle and anti-age virtues as it thickens the epidermis, tons, plumps and brings more elasticity to the skin.

Its natural main actives boost the cell synchronization in all epidermis layers. Dead cells are replaced by new healthy ones. The perfect combination to a younger, more beautiful skin. 

The Serum fights the deep expression wrinkles and under-eye puffiness. It's a powerful product capable of regenerating damaged skin following a burn, wound, scar or postoperative.

Snail Serum: a nature-based product

The main benefit of our Snail Serum is the anti-wrinkle action thanks to snail slime. The Serum is made of 82,95% of pure snail slime, which naturally contains allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.

Our Snail Serum is also made of a blend of natural ingredients such as aloe vera known for its anti-aging property, Hexapeptide 10: a peptide that stimulates the collagen production and reshapes the oval of the face, and XPERMOIST, a natural complex that reinforces the process of rejuvenation by adding a deep and high hydration. 

How do you apply the snail serum?

Caracol Skincare Rejuvenating Snail Serum is a day and night skincare. There's a little pipette to help you apply the right amount of product on a clean and dry face. Press the top of the pipette to collect a few drops of the miraculous liquid. You only need a few drops. Apply it on your face and neck then gently pat to make it penetrate your skin. 

Why choosing a serum?

The Serum is a concentrate of natural actives truly powerful on aging effects. Only a small amount of product is necessary to achieve optimal results. 

- On contrary to our Creams the Snail Serum is liquid. It is thus easier absorbed by the epidermis.

- The Snail Serum is oil-free, has a non-oily texture that fits every skin type.

Why adding snail slime in a serum?

As we explained earlier, snail slime is full of natural actives that improve the quality of the skin by regenerating cells. One of its main ingredients is allantoin. Known for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Snail slime also contains collagen and elastin that improves the skin elasticity and glycolic acid that removes the dead cells, hydrates, and firms the tissues. This precious mucin is enriched in vitamins A, E, C, and natural antibiotics.

That's why Caracol Skincare uses snail slime in the Serum.

bave escargot anti age

How to choose the Snail Serum?

It's not always easy to choose the right snail serum. There's plenty of products on the market and we don't always know where they come from. You'd better be careful. Here are the different things you should check out before purchasing:  

The percentage of snail slime in the Serum

To be effective, the Serum has to contain a very high percentage of snail slime in its formula. A snail serum is considered high quality if containing at least 70% of snail slime.

Watch the whole list of ingredients

Each ingredient must justify its own presence. If you notice a suspicious ingredient in the list, do some researches to know the effects. Some ingredients can be dangerous for your health. Always look for a snail serum 100% made of natural ingredients.


The reliability of the Snail Serum

A snail serum is reliable does not use chemicals. If you can read on the packaging: 0% paraben, 0% sulfates, 0% mineral oils, 0% formaldehyde, 0% triethanolamine, 0% nanomaterials… it's usually a good sign!


The origin of the snail serum

Be careful to the origin of the snail serum. Chilean snails have the best slime as it has the more actives. Serums like the Caracol Skincare serum containing Chilean snail slime are the most powerful.


When to use your snail slime serum?

You can start using a serum at 20 years old. In fact, it all depends on your lifestyle. People that smoke or experience insomnia tend to age prematurely. 

We advise you to start using our Caracol Skincare Snail Serum at 30. To use on a daily basis to fight skin aging. 


Where to buy Snail Serum?

Caracol Skincare is the leader of snail creams on the market. We have owns the highest concentration of snail slime in the world: up to 85,2%. The perfect product if you expect quick and effective results. You can buy our products in a few drugstores but mostly on our website with safe payment. 

Discover all the other products of our Caracol Skincare line. 

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See you soon, 

L'équipe Caracol Skincare 


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Our skincare line contains up to 85,2 %

 of snail mucin! Which is truly unique

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