Natural Acne Solution Kendall Jenner Wishes She Knew

Snail slime, strange yet amazingly full of benefits!

Unusual but yet so amazing for your skin. Snail slime is filled with beauty-enhancers like hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycolic acid, elastin and copper peptides. It naturally fills fine lines, reduces acne scars, stretch marks and smoothes the skin. The properties of snail mucin have been known since the Antiquity and have been used by the Mapuche tribe, Southern Chile, for ages before anyone started to sell it. Discover this ancestral life-savior now and save your skin from aging!


Natural Acne Solution Kendall Jenner Wishes She Knew

Published : 05/04/2018 15:46:37
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cAcne problems are ruining your social life? Tired of rubbing your skin down by using chemicals? Stop stressing out! Discover how snail slime can gradually save your skin. 

Let's start with the beginning. If you want to cure a disease you need to understand it.

What's acne? And what causes acne?

Acne is a skin illness well spread among young people. But you can also suffer from acne as an adult. Studies show that to one woman in three aged between 25-40, suffers from acne. Women are three times as many likely than men to experience acne. Lucky them!

Acne is caused by the sex hormones whether it happens during puberty or as an adult when menstrual cycle strikes or under pregnancy. The hormonal disorder causes a high peak of sebum secretion that clogged the pores and the follicles which causes bacterial development and thus acne spots. Stress and heredity are also part of the acne problems.  

There are different types of spots and sometimes they live bad scars behind. 

acne pimples natural solution caracol skincare

To win the fight against these little pimples, here's your secret weapon: Caracol Skincare Regenerating Snail Cream.

Snail cream: natural solution against acne

We've been working hard with Healthcare professional to formulate a snail cream capable of reducing acne pimples and scars: the regenerating gel cream.  

Caracol Skincare Gel Cream repair the skin and enhance the natural cell renewal. In this natural product, you'll find 85,2% of pure snail slime.

It is scientifically proven that snail mucin has amazing virtues to treat many skin diseases. It naturally contains allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Main actives already created by the human body and known to renew skin and help to heal. 

This snail cream contains many strictly selected natural ingredients to help you get rid of your acne. Amongst them we found: 

- Biosacharid also known as FUCOGEL, a natural polysaccharide that has the same effect as hyaluronic acid.

- Vitamin E, the ultimate youth accelerator. 

- Provitamin B5 moisturizes and energizes the skin.

The Regenerating Gel Cream is THE natural solution to moisturize your skin without clogging the pores since it has a fresh lightweight texture and is oil free.

Which beauty routine when you suffer from acne? 

Day and night cleansing

Whether you have an oily or dry skin, you need to clean your face day and night! It will take off all the dirt, the dead cells, sebum excess, and pollution. Once cleansed your skin will be more likely receptive to the cream you apply next.  Once or twice a week, use an enzymatic scrub. Enzyms kind of eat the dead cells on the contrary to a grainy scrub that is going to scratch and damage your skin. 

A specific moisturizer

You might think because you have an oily skin type you don't need moisture. That's completely FALSE! Dry, oily, mixt skins, they all need moisture, an adapted moisture! If your skin is oily and tends to have acne, then avoid rich texture and prefer a lightweight cream that is going to moisture your skin without clogging the pores and grease the skin. Choose a cream that is oil free. We already told you about our Snail Gel Cream against acne, that's the texture you need. :) 

A healthy lifestyle

You are what you eat! If you eat too much fat or have bad habits, your skin won't be that healthy and glowy. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, drink a lot of water and exercise. Sports help reduce stress and we all know stress causes skin problems. 

In short, 

You have all the keys to fight against acne naturally and effectively. Get rid of those disgracious pimples and scars and bring back that self-confidence. Let us kn ow about youra cne journey in the comment section. 

Empower your skin!


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Our skincare line contains up to 85,2 %

 of snail mucin! Which is truly unique

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