Top 10 tips to look instantly younger

Snail slime, strange yet amazingly full of benefits!

Unusual but yet so amazing for your skin. Snail slime is filled with beauty-enhancers like hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycolic acid, elastin and copper peptides. It naturally fills fine lines, reduces acne scars, stretch marks and smoothes the skin. The properties of snail mucin have been known since the Antiquity and have been used by the Mapuche tribe, Southern Chile, for ages before anyone started to sell it. Discover this ancestral life-savior now and save your skin from aging!


Top 10 tips to look instantly younger

Published : 12/14/2017 14:22:40
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It doesn't take that much to save a few years! Here are the fast, simple and effective ways to look younger in 1 minute! 

look younger instantly


#1 Tip: Choose a good anti aging skincare 

Come closer and take a look at the mirror. What do you see? Fine lines that makes you look older? No matter if you're 25 or 45, expression wrinkles affects everyone. Don't worry you can reduce them and even make them disappear by using a powerful cream. 

To help you fights fine lines we've created a whole range of snail creams. Caracol Skincare is made with a high concentration of snail slime that is known for its amazing composition. Allantoine, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid are all very powerful anti-aging actives and they're all contained in snail secretion. 

Our favorite products to fight against signs of aging are the Crème de soin anti-âge et anti-rides and the Sérum rajeunissant expert anti-âge.

#2 Tip: An effective anti-dark circles 

The second step to a young skin is definitely removing the signs of tireness around the eye area. Start by improving your sleep (we know netflix kidnapped you but fight it and go to sleep). Then, apply the Caracol skincare Eye cream: the crème contour des yeux. A blend of snail slime, 3 extra virgin oils from Chile to give elasticity to your skin and firm the delicate areas such as the eye zone. 

#3 Tip: Choose a good illuminator

Want that healthy and glowy skin? For that you need a very light-texture-foundation. Sometimes BB creams are even lighter and more transparent. Don't buy a matte, thick or a powdery foundation! It will mark all the fine lines of your face even the ones you don't usually see. The lighter the better! 

#4 Tip: A very light make up 

You got it, a light and natural makeup makes you look 10 times younger! Apply some blush at the top of the cheekbone and lengthen upright. It'll bring light and life to your face! Get rid of all the glittery eyeshadows you own; they make the fine lines stand out even more. Dark lips are also you're enemy, they tend to give you that strict and severe look and drawn features. Follow these make up tips and you'll look fresher and younger! 

#5 Tip: Redraw your eyebrows!

To look instantly younger, go get these tweezers and a brow pencil. Correct their shape and fill the gaps to give your face more structure. Eyebrows hair get lighter as you age, so try to give them a pinch of color and you'll see the difference.  

#6 Tip: New hair new you! 

White hair don't care! I'd like to believe that... Go get a new trendy haircut and try a natural color. This tip is so obvious, it's going to make you look 10 years younger. 

#7 Tip: Update your closet

Say goodbye to your good old grandma shirt and try new things. Buy some magazine and analyze the new trendy pieces that make you look younger. Learn how to dress according to your body shape. Clothes that fit you make you more beautiful! 

#8 Tip: Get that Colgate smile

We often forget about teeth, but it's the first thing people see when you're speaking, laughing.. White teeth makes you seem healthier. A bad dental care makes you less appealling and also makes you look older. Take good care of these teeth of yours! 

#9 Tip: A dynamic stance

Look at this slumped man and that bent woman over there! Don't they look lik they're 70?! Looking younger is also a matter of stance! Stand straight, keep your head up and watch your stance! 

#10 Tip: Live that healthy life

Last but not least step: stay healthy! Go to the gym and try to remain active. You'll feel powerful and energized. Associate sports with a healthy diet, stop smocking, sleep better, reduce stress and your skin will be 10 times better! And what's better than a youthful skin to look younger?

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