The 10 most amazing facts about snail slime!

Snail slime, strange yet amazingly full of benefits!

Unusual but yet so amazing for your skin. Snail slime is filled with beauty-enhancers like hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycolic acid, elastin and copper peptides. It naturally fills fine lines, reduces acne scars, stretch marks and smoothes the skin. The properties of snail mucin have been known since the Antiquity and have been used by the Mapuche tribe, Southern Chile, for ages before anyone started to sell it. Discover this ancestral life-savior now and save your skin from aging!


The 10 most amazing facts about snail slime!

Published : 02/08/2018 11:28:20
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snail slime amazing facts

Snail is a little strange fellow, but it is full of surprise! Discover in this post the 10 most amazing facts on snail slime! I bet you didn't know about these!

1. In the wild, snails can rebuild their shell thanks to their slime!

In snail slime, there is a kind of pure limestone that help snail to fix the cracks in their shells if it's crushed (only if the apex remains intact).

2. Snail slime contains allantoin, hyaluronic acid and collagen! 

There are so many actives in snail slime such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and allantoin. They are very similar to those made by the human body. These actives boost the cell-regeneration and help the skin to look younger! 

3. Snail mucin can reduce fine lines and skin defects!

Snail mucin stimulates the human skin cells to create new ones that are going to replace the old and damaged cells. Basically the human skinc an do it alone, but snail slime hasten the process and makes it more effective. Snail secretion reduces fine lines, scars, stretch marks, redness, dark spots, dark circles, acne, eczema, inflammatory states...

4. The Mapuche tribe have been using snail slime for ages to fight against skin diseases!

The women of the Mapuche tribe (Southern Chile), have been applying snail slime on their skin since Antiquity to fight against any type of skin disease, wounds and burns! 

5. How Bascunan employees' soft hands proved the benefits of snail slime!

One of the sons of the Bascunan family, a medical student, noticed the employees of the family snail breeding company had very soft hands and all their small wound were healing in a day. Amazed by this discovery, he had snail slime analyzed for the very first time. This is exactly when we discovered all the actives contained in snail mucin. 

6. Chilean snail slime is the most powerful in the world!

Chilean snails, named Helix Aspersa Muller, have the highest concentration in active ingredients (allantoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin...)  in their slime than the other species. Look at how the wild Patagonia is luxuriant! That's the best environment for snails to develop. 

7. Snail mucin can heal major burns!

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